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Listening inwards vs. Listening outwards

tibetan bowl
A Tibetan Singing Bowl - a musical and healing tool for the soul
Why are we not (as a rule) playing our true role in this world? Why are we sick? How can we eat junk food without feeling bad on the spot?

Its all about how well we listen inwards and how pre-occupied we are with what we hear from without.

As children we are in tune with ourselves. It is during this time that we start training ourselves to be out-of-tune. We do it to please others (Our parents, elders and friends). We do it to please ourselves (First taste of chocolate is usually enough ;) ). We learn from our teachers the values of discipline - to dogmas that we are taught, not to what our soul requests. We dream of being something exciting and end up "doing the right thing"...

It is all in the training. We train ourselves not to react badly to things we would rather not give up. Tasty and unwholesome foods are a good example. It may give us a stomach ache at first - but who would give up on a craved desert just to prevent an ache? We train ourselves to be good workers - at a job we would rather not work at. We argue that having a job in today's economy is nothing short of a miracle so who are we to be so thankless? We train ourselves to ignore the minor discomforts that are our body's way of signaling that we are living wrongly. After all, it's not like a little headache ever killed anybody? We are too busy to stop and ask - why is my head hurting? And so we train ourselves to ignore this. Eventually the body will rebel at this habit but by then we will be really sick...

Habits are a seriously hazardous tool. We tend to grow into habit and then find it very hard to break it. We can cough a little bit when we start smoking but everyone knows its just till you get used to it... Getting used to bad habits doesn't mean not paying a regular price for this adaptation process. We do. Eventually the price is high enough for the body to start shouting again.

So what am I suggesting?

I believe it is about time we grew up a little as a race and took on the challenge of listening inwards. Listening to the minor aches and pains, to the instinct that says - its a bad idea, to our soul. Logically, we know what to eat and what not. Its time to adhere to that and then listen again. Not all that is healthy as a rule is good for us. Each of us is an individual and thus prone to reacting differently to common "Generally regarded as Healthy" foods. Its time to listen to the body's requests regarding physical activity, sleeping habits, furniture choices, work load and all the other habitual elements in our life.

More challenging but not less important: It's time to listen to our soul's voice in regards to our calling. Our profession is a crucial choice in life - are we listening now? Are we doing what our soul desires? Are we fulfilling our Dharma? Our destiny? Our happiness and our health depend on it. Our world too. If we work in the wrong profession we are rarely satisfied and it shows...

Friday, January 25, 2019

The art of Living Peacefully

learn peace in an hour - my book
This is the cover for my new Digital book just out "Learn peace in an Hour", seek it out in Amazon Kindle.
Hi again,

Today I will discuss a subject I consider essential to modern Human living. Stress. Living peacefully sounds almost alien to most people I know. It is almost as if such an idea belongs in a fairy tale...

How have we become so Stressed out as a culture? Why is Modern Living considered synonymous with Stressful living? The most important question I raise here is- is it truly a must? How can we live a modern life and still live a peaceful life?

As a therapist living in Israel I have the "pleasure" of seeing a whole lot of stressed out people every day. Almost everyone coming into my clinic has a side-order of stress with every meal and every moment. They ask for help with their Illnesses (Varied reasons) and yet behind it all I see one common denominator: Stress. Though it is true more for Middle Eastern countries, I believe you will agree it is also true (even if to  a lesser degree) of everywhere else.

So how HAVE we become so stressed as a culture?

The intensity of modern living, the ever changing reality we live in, the need to be at work for so many hours and many others symptoms of modern living create a basic reality which is very intense, This part we all share to an extent. Many suffer from lack of resources. This can add even more stress, Others suffer illnesses- today more then ever, and other suffer socially. It used to be possible to really take a break from living by choosing a lower lifestyle. Today most people find such an option comes with too dear a price. This means once you are in the rat-race you're in it for the long haul.

When I said most people I am guessing you thought I meant "all but the rich". Sadly, in today's world, that is often not true. Those who do not suffer are the rare minority who have discovered the secret to peaceful living. They already know how to de-stress to the point where the stresses of life cease to accumulate and thus are usually calm and peaceful- even in the face of hardships. A more advanced option is that the rare few learned not to accumulate stress by shifting their mindset radically.

Having found a way to peacefulness I have been teaching people this  technique for many years here in Israel. I even wrote a Digital book on the matter several years back (In Hebrew).

Now (27 Dec 2013), after several years, I have come to the conclusion that this knowledge is needed not only in Israel but around the world and I am glad to announce that is has just been published in English as well!

So what am I offering in my Digital book? Well let me share some of the secrets right here:

What is stress? Stress is what comes of coping with change. Any change. Positive, negative and neutral. Whatever the outcome. Do you remember things changing in your life? I'm guessing the answer is: Of course! Every day! All day... And you can't really avoid change either. So what can you do?

I divide the answer in two:

  1. Develop a "no stress" attitude. Choose to be positive and translate change into challenge rather then into pain and suffering.
  2. De-stress faster then you can accumulate stress on a daily basis.

Of course most people will agree that no. 1 above is not easy a habit to form. It requires learning new skills and practicing them under stressful conditions... It is the better long run option but for most it is at first impractical. They are too stressed to begin with.
The latter (no. 2) is quite easy to accomplish once you know how to do it. This is what my book is about.

I took the know how, spelled it out for all to understand. Both about stress and about De-stressing. Learning to live in Peace is all about removing the stress factor from the picture. And so at first it is all about taking out more stress then you take in.

The first phase is all about taking charge of your stress. Collecting 50 De-stress ideas. Pre-occupations that will leave you less stressed once done. For example- Listening to music. When chosen right, music can help you reduce stress in a very effective a joyful manner. Can you come up with 50 unique ideas?

The second phase is about dividing the De-stressors into 3 categories: Physical, Mental and Emotional. By doing so we can choose our De-stressors for the day according to the stressful categories in our life that day. 

The Third Phase is about making time daily for De-stressing. Turning it into a routine. Not is our most stressful moments but rather when it is comfortable. It is much harder to De-stress in super stressful moments.

The forth and last phase is about making sure that you De-stressed more then you accumulated every day. This is the control system for the process and is the heart of my system. Once you learn to choose the most fun and efficient tools for your De-stressing and make sure you use them in a way that makes sure you are less and less stressful each day- you know you have won!

In the book you will find explanations and in depth descriptions of the above phases and much more.

You will also gain access to my Inner Sanctum where I share regular tips and secrets with my readers and where I am open to discussions about the book and about life. 

Of course, you can always ask me question right here in the blog and your comments will be gladly reacted to.

In health and in Peace,


Thursday, January 24, 2019

Gall Stones - a Holistic Perspective

stones - not gallstones
NOT gallstones ;)

If you are a practitioner of Naturopathy / Chinese Medicine / Holistic Nutrition and other close subjects this article may be of extra interest to you:

It was some 18 years ago that I turned yellow. Friends were laughing at me that I was taking my Chinese Medicine studies too seriously. It was obvious that my bile ducts were blocked since I was not feverish and was showing no other signs of hepatitis. I am not one to run for surgery and so I went searching for alternatives.

I posted a website that challenged people to share with me their solutions with the prize being - everlasting glory. A page on my site.

If I told you half the weird things that were suggested to me at the time you would be shocked I'm sure. The last thing that was suggested came with the name of a book and a photo of several gallstones that, according to the writer, were his stones, removed with a simple protocol taken from that book.

The book was called "Cure for all disease" By Hulda Clark. The name of the book troubled me some but the story was compelling and the procedure sounded safe. After reading the book I realized two things:

1. The book read as the title felt
2. The gallstone removal protocol was not Hulda's but borrowed.

So I went ahead and tried it on myself. It was a little scary because no-one locally could back me up with experience. The results left me caucasian and with a collection of bilious stones. The largest was over 15 mm in diameter.  

Today, 22 years later and with thousands of patients of experience to our name. My wife, Shanni, and I are experienced authorities on this subject. We have upgraded the original protocol and have found many important points that require attention before and after the procedure in order for the patient to achieve the full benefits from the protocol.

In this article I would like to share some of our perspective and experience with the medical and holistic community for the benefit of future patients. I believe that the future of gallstone therapy should be an integrated one. An integration of Naturopathic Nutritional counseling and herbology, Chinese Medical herbology, Acupuncture and Conventional Medical Diagnostics and surgery (when all else fails). For such a future to emerge more Holistic therapists need to learn and use our upgraded protocol and Conventional Doctors need to be introduced to this doctrine - and convinced to research into it.


Conventional Perspective

I find this perspective to be commonly known. For those not aware of it Wikipedia is as good a source as any (Though the holistic versions mentioned there are hardly researched in depth)

yes gallstones
Gall Stones !

Holistic Perspective

Why gallstones?

Bile is a mixture of many things. It is both a secretion of toxins (End result of the liver's role as a detoxification organ) and of emulsifiers for fats and oils  digestion. For this reason the bile is actually not a very homogeneous substance. It can be thick and sludgy or watered down, full of minerals or not. It is always rich in cholesterol.

When people don't drink enough they contribute to gallstone formation. Another common reason for gallstone formation is low levels of Taurine, an amino acid. Taurine takes a part in creating the Tauro-cholic acid. One of the bile acids that help keep the bile fluid. The most common reason for this is late pregnancy and lactation. Taurine is an important ingredient in forming mothers milk. This is one of the reasons pregnancy is considered a gallstone factor.

A point to remember: Most gallstones are formed in the liver. They then drop into the ducts and from there to the gallbladder. Liver stones can never grow too big because the bile ducts in the liver are quite narrow. Still, they grow large enough so that they can sometimes block the common bile duct when they move out of the liver. This fact is important when considering the reasoning for gallbladder removal by surgery. People assume it will end the risk for gallstone-attacks but in fact that is not always true. There will not be any more gallbladder inflammations but the risk of a clogged up CBD and pancreatitis is still there.

There are other Holistic aspects that relate to gallstones. The Chinese have a saying that the liver is the general and makes the plans, it is the gallbladder that sees the plans carried out. people that have a problem living their dreams or have them in a drawer will tend to form a gallstone for every dream stashed away. Frustrations are also correlated with gallstone formation. When people try to convince others of their beliefs and are not willing to accept no for an answer, they often hold their stomachs in a highly tense way. From my experience it is very often precisely the gallbladder area that is tensed up. This may well lead to poor evacuation of the bile and to bile-stasis which in turn can lead to gallstone formation. Deficiency in magnesium seems to go hand in hand with gallstone formation though I have yet to find a reason for that. It may just be two very common occurrences that simply happen often enough to seem to correlate.

So what is our solution?

The solution we found and then upgraded is rather simple. A short description would be: Prepare, then avoid all fats for three days, then introduce a lot of fat to the system at once. The result is a process where in the three days with no fat the gallbladder and liver accumulate bile with no outlet. Ingesting plenty of fat at this point causes the bile to be forcefully injected into the bile ducts from both organs. The hydraulic force pushes any objects in its way out from the live, gallbladder and ducts and right into the small intestines. This is of course a very coarse picture.  The complete process adds many factors that help soften the stones, relax the ducts and sphincters, and prepare the body for the ordeal. All this in order to raise the safety level of the protocol and to make it less weakening and not painful.

The point in all this is that it is possible to remove the gallstones from both liver AND gallbladder without having to surgically remove the gallbladder and with very little risk. As a matter if fact in the past 22 years we have NEVER had to rush any of our patients to the hospital in the middle of the night during the protocol due to stone getting stuck in the ducts! We have encountered people who had recurrent gallstone attacks before our liver flush ( and one that had some after the flush and before the second one) but never during. And remember- we had this protocol done to thousands of people.

There are limitations to the protocol. Stones 3.5 centimeters in diameter came out (!!!) but 4.5 did not. I am not sure if it was because of its size or because of the fact that it was glued tight to the gallbladder wall but since that time we consider 3.5 centimeters our maximum size. Another lesson learned was when a patient had the flush done successfully but then went back to a horrendous diet only to come back in pain several years later. His pain was relentless for three days prior to coming to us and no amount of therapy would help. We sent him to the hospital knowing he will most likely lose his gallbladder but it felt too choked up with sludge and stones for the flush to work. Some patients lose patience after the first flush or during the preparations for the first flush.

We make a point never to rush. In the few times we allowed ourselves to be manipulated by patients in a hurry we had the displeasure of seeing the price quite clearly. In one case a woman was adamant that we move on to the protocol before we deemed her ready. She was too weak for this, and we were trying to convince her to wait but to no avail. When she was done with the protocol her digestive system was too weak to hold her food and she was diarrhetic all the time. It took several weeks of tonifying Chinese herbs to put her right. Since that case we learned never to rush this. When done right and prepared right patients report that it was mostly easy and that we must have exaggerated our horror stories 😉. We like it that way.

There are many other limiting factors we discovered over the years. We made a point of close observation and careful monitoring so as to improve the protocol over the years. Over the recent years the cases of complications of all kinds have dropped to zero. The only sad cases are the ones where the oil refuses to go down. Seeing as how we are talking about 3/4 cup full of olive oil that is not too surprising. Still, the few cases where this happens can be uncomfortable and some people just won't throw up (A simple solution and when the timing is right one that will not prevent a successful protocol). Those find the protocol last night to be quite tedious. over the last few years even this has dropeed close to zero after changing another parameter.

How do we prevent all the complications from occurring?

To begin with, the first issue we find crucial is vitality level. Exhausted people can't really deal with this protocol as is. The tool we use to determine vitality level is Chinese diagnostics. The Chinese Pulse is quite a good determining tool for vitality as is the Chinese Tongue diagnosis.

Once we determine this we know if the patient can go ahead to the next phase or otherwise needs to be prepared using tonifying tools such as Chinese Herbs / Vitamins / Acupuncture etc.

Preparing a patient can take 3-6 weeks though at time it will take longer. This is a vital phase and often helps the patient deal with other issues as well.

Making sure the patient is not lacking in any important nutritional element is crucial to the safe success of the protocol. For example- magnesium deficiency has caused in a couple of cases that the Epsom salts used in the protocol had no effect. No diarrhea and very likely less stones expelled.

Making sure the patient is ready psychologically is quite important as well. Patients lacking in confidence in the protocol may have a much harder time. This we resolve most of the time simply by supplying names of previous clients to talk to (After getting those patients' consent of course).

In the complicated cases (Heart disease background for one example) we make sure to either use alternative means to the protocol or if we are sure it will be ok we make a point of personal tight supervision. This is true of elderly patients (86 being our oldest I believe) etc.). In some cases we make of point of waiting a while (Postpartum for one example).

Even doing our best- we are always on the alert for more issue not encountered before. This is the only way not to get caught off guard.

A futuristic view of this protocol should be one of integration. Practicing this protocol with a Naturopathic AND a Conventional staff on hand. Making the most of both ancient and modern means. Having an Ultrasound machine at hand and a lab to analyse the results would be some of the benefits. I was once approached by a doctor who was intrigued but never came through with his suggestion for a research done together.

The future today

Seeing as how this protocol has prevented much suffering and surgery. On top of this our work over the years has made this protocol a very safe and viable tool. I believe our experience should not be available only to the people of Israel. It should be out there for all the world to benefit from. We intent to make our knowledge and experience available to as many serious and professional therapists as we can.

If you are a therapist - with background either in Naturopathy or Chinese medicine. And even if only in part of the Naturopathic tools (Wholesome Nutrition for one), You are welcome to send us our resume and we will be in touch.

Passive vs. Active

standing still in the forest
How Passive becomes active - when one is at peace

Over the years I have been observing that life tends to take turns and twists in what seemed like a random pattern. Once in a while I got a glimpse of what looked like a pattern. It was different every time...

My clinic would be full one month and only half full the next. This seemed random. Till I learned that it had to do with my state of mind. When I was tired people would cancel- it was so considerate of them :). When my mind was not focused or I filled the calendar too much- same effect.

It seemed like there are many lessons here to be learned and seeing as I was working on being attentive- I searched for lessons and learned as best I could.

One of the most important lessons I learned from this attentive period is that a lot depends on whether we choose to be active or passive (Or reactive as passive is often seen). When we choose to be passive or as most people experience it - reactive, we are busy responding to what life throws at us. So busy in fact that people will often say they have no time to take their lives into their own hands. Constant battering of external origin is usually the result of us not taking preventative measures due to the passive nature of our behavior. In other words, by our very choice to be passive or lack of choice to be active we allow the world to be active for us and very often complicate our lives... When we choose to be active or proactive we dictate the way our life flows and the amount of battering subsides and eventually goes away.

If you feel that your life seems to be governed by external forces it may be time to choose to be more active. Going out there and making a stand about how we want our lives to be, what we want to do for work , how our relationships look like, what kind of communication we have with other people etc.etc. All these examples are the way successful people choose to live and one of the main reasons for their success is in fact their level of pro activity.

One classical aspect of this can be found in the financial arena. We find ourselves constantly dealing with debt. More bills and more bank statements and not enough income to handle the payload. If we only resort to putting out the fires and going from one crisis to another, responding to alarm bells, we will not see a change. All we need to do is stop, take a deep breath, and then take the time to understand the current state of affairs. After this we can choose a proactive approach. Change our working habits, choose another job etc. Go proactive. By choosing this attitude we will start to change the balance of our income-expense ratio and at the same time change the way the world sees us. This change will often make others more willing to help us or join us in ventures which will again help us balance the equation.

Where are you being passive in your life today? Where have you chosen to be active? When? Share this with me below and all the other readers can learn from your success or help you with your needs. 

In health,

Jan. 2014

How to Shrink Wrap yourself and why

We are all emphatic beings. We feel one another through senses we are not trained to use. It is an intuitive process and so developed to a different extent in different people. Some people have built a barrier to not-feel others while other people have simply chosen to stay away from people or at least crowds to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Have you ever walked into a room occupied by other people only to "know" at once what the mood they are all in ? When Israeli Prime minister Rabin was killed I remember feeling it in the air... It was like someone added an amplifier to other people's emotions and all of the sudden I could feel them all. It was very powerful and hard to bear. Instinctively I chose to use a tool I had learned many years back to temporarily shut down my emphatic hyper-sensitivity so as to prevent an overload on my part.

Over the years I have found that many people (Especially the very sensitive ones) are not coping too well with their empathy and are choosing the easy way out. Whether its to shut down their empathy or to shy away from crowds. I began to teach them this technique and they found a new social life they had missed or could get back to healing people using the empathy they had "lost" before.

I have recorded it on video so I can teach online and I will endeavor to describe the  idea for you in words as well.

We all have auras. Energetic fields that surround us. When we learn to consciously manipulate the auras we can choose to widen or narrow down our fields. When we narrow them down to include only ourselves (and instead of the classical egg shape aura we choose to "shrink wrap" ourselves in it) we feel a liberating sensation of nobody-in-our-field-serenity. Choosing this mode as a default means you are never exposed to other peoples emotions and energies without a conscious choice. No flooding of emotions in crowds, nobody draining you in a social gathering (You know the types that can leave you exhausted after 10 minutes of talking with you...). This is a healthier state of being for most people. It doesn't mean you detach and stop interacting with people (Most often it works quite the opposite) just that they don't invade your inner sanctum un-invited.

When you want to be in an emphatic state with someone (while treating them or loving them etc.) you can widen the field to include them. You can choose to envelope the world if you want. Its up to you. 

Another trick I found very useful in some cases is to envelope other people but not in a common circle rather using the shape of an 8. One circle of the 8 is then left around us and the other we draw around someone we are interacting with. This way he or she is within out aura but not invading it and cannot draw on our energy and drain us nor are we effected by ill or poisonous energies. When done interacting with this person we simply "pop" the second circle leaving the energy that person brought to the meeting out of our field.

Keeping the Shrink Wrap on in hard moments of intimacy with your partner or other family members can make tough arguments easier to bear and resolve. The same goes for hard meetings with your boss...

Basic human needs - Nourishment part I

Will you give me what I need?

What do we all need to survive? What constitutes the very basic human needs?
Ask anyone on the street and you will get to a very different list... Each will give you his or her list of habits and some basic biological needs. Not all will agree on the degree of importance of each need.

I will address this question from both a Naturopathic point of view and a personal spiritual one.

Naturopathically speaking, our biological primal needs can be summed up in four lines:

1. Nourishment
2. Removal of toxins and waste
3. Motion
4. Vitality

Remember that each of the above needs has to be supplied on all the human planes of existence - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and ecological. From the single cell to our environment - everything needs the above list.

If we take a baby,Our beginning, the needs are:

Physical Nutrition: We all need the basic suckling, mothers milk but it starts even earlier - during pregnancy, we need the sustenance that comes from our mother. If our mother is under-nourished, we suffer for it. During both pregnancy and nursing the mother is in charge of double feeding for them both. My experience here shows that good quality wholesome foods help a lot and that a good supplement regimen (Consisting of a very good multi-vitamin + personal adaptations) makes the difference between a reasonable pregnancy and nursing phase and superb ones. I have never had a patient truly eating well and on supplements from the pre-pregnancy phase that suffered pre-ecclempsia or diabetes or any other radical complication (And I've professionally supported very many pregnant woman over the years). When a baby does not get breast fed it still needs this nourishment. It can be raised on alternatives but I would suggest home made after learning the formula from a Naturopath. I have treated many babies fed on industrial alternatives and they all needed support due to this fact. It just doesn't come close to real food.

Emotional nutrition: During pregnancy and nursing the emotional nourishment is just as important as the physical one. A classical (and sad) research with gorillas discovered that a gorilla baby fed with its mothers' milk but without her touch and presence will die ! The value of balanced emotions on the mothers part during pregnancy and between the parents and the baby once it is born is beyond critical. It gives us our emotional-base.

Spiritual nourishment: We live at an era that people rarely appreciate the value of spiritual living. Many people go to work for the financial sake and have no feeling of self realization in their work. This vibe is an under-nourishment factor on the spiritual level. Not only do THEY feel under nourished - they vibrate spiritually on an under nourished vibe and this is what their children take from them on this plane.

[End of part I]